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Our Mission

American Health Research, owned and operated by Dr. Selwyn Spangenthal, is an independent clinical research company located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

As a research site, American Health Research strives to provide an outstanding experience for all involved in the clinical research process; not only for sponsoring pharmaceutical companies, but for patient volunteers as well.

American Health Research stresses patient safety and detailed oversight in a caring, professional environment in order to obtain valuable data within the parameters of study protocols. We are dedicated to going above and beyond; providing the utmost quality healthcare and forming long-standing alliances in pharmaceutical research.

American Health Research is devoted to providing an exceptional experience for all those involved in the clinical research process. Through dedicated teamwork, integrity of data, and respect for patient safety, we strive to promote the advancement of medicine and facilitate the future of healthcare.

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We've opened a new office!

Clinical Research of Rock Hill is now enrolling studies for patients in the northern South Carolina region.

Under the direct supervision of Dr. Michael Denenberg, along with a dedicated staff, Clinical Research of Rock Hill was established in May of 2012.

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Currently enrolling studies at American Health Research:

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